pearl harbor attack

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by Clarkusmc42
Last updated 2 years ago


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  • BigAlex16 2 months ago

    BigAlex16's avatar

    I liked this my birthday is the same date as D-Day

  • bockchoy11223344 11 months ago

    bockchoy11223344's avatar

    I love wars they make me smile.

  • Powerade 1 year ago

    Powerade's avatar

    nice poster indeed

  • Doni123 1 year ago

    Doni123's avatar

    Yeah no kidding. Sad.....
    :( But nice poster though, interesting peep! :D

  • atlep 1 year ago

    atlep's avatar

    one of the best and maby even the best

  • chrisli 1 year ago

    chrisli's avatar

    on of da best glogs

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